Monday, August 1, 2011

Duck? Duck? Goose!

      I am excited! Happy! Motivated!!

      I've been delaying making a pair of 18th century stays and/or an authentic Victorian corset because both recipes call for duck/canvas and I have not been able to locate it locally or online, and when I did, it was way out of my price range.

      However, my dad decided that for my driving lesson today (I'm about to turn 18 and yet I know 16 year olds who are already pining and ready for their licenses), instead of the usual laps around the neighborhood, we'd take the 10 minute drive to....Wal-Mart! I was terrified of the daunting drive that would take me through actual traffic and impatient drivers. I resemble a little old lady when I drive, clutching the wheel in fear and refusing to go more than 15 miles an hour. My driving tends to be more Mariocart than actual driving, but that's just because I'm scared and nervous and OH MY GOSH I JUST WENT OVER THE CURB.
      Well after I unsuccessfully parked my dad's car, I went straight to the sewing section; I've been pleading for months for my parents to bring me here so I could buy some elastic to finish off the cuff of a beautiful blouse I started in June. I was elated just at having my hands on a package of 3/8" braided elastic, but I really flipped my lid when I saw two beautiful cotton floral prints on display. Now I know which fabric to use to make a fit-and-flare dress, for which I was given a vintage pattern from a friend1

      I mentally recorded the color and pattern of the fabric and began to move towards the frozen foods aisle where my eye spotted...a bolt of cotton duck! For ten dollars a yard! And if I were to buy it on a Friday, I'd even get a discount! And if I used a coupon? Combined discount!   

      Let's just say I was calm enough to execute a very successful return trip. (:

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