Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What I Wore: 8-16-11

Blouse: H&M, circa. $4
Skirt: Vintage, an old piece of my 
mother's. Except now it's mine. Teehee!
Shoes: Macy's, Style&Co., circa $15 on sale

      This skirt is ADORABLE. Really, down to the little pockets to the matching suspenders to the cute carnation pink cotton. I just can't get enough of it.
      I used to wear skirts like this all the time in junior high after I found my mom's stash of her old skirts, sweaters, and jumpers (rompers? playsuits?) from the 80's, and I fell in love. Then the rest of my unfashionable, narrow-minded classmates made fun of me. Lots. In the beginning I just let it roll off my back, since people had been making fun of me for years, saying that I was "weird", "different", "teacher's pet", and that I "read books". Yet after a few years of their constant mindless badgering, and otherwise how they simultaneously ignored/ hated me (including the school's guidance counselor!! She said I was 'different' and that I needed to get a boyfriend! Who does that?!?!?!), I stuffed my vintage stash at the bottom of a drawer and fell back on black clothing.
      Since my subsequent healing, I have once again embraced the idea of "not caring what other people think" and I have reverted to my true sense of style that I had been hiding all along. These days there are times when me vintage stash screams, "Please! We've been worn so much! Please wear a modern outfit today!!", and I oblige. (:
      These kind of "What I Wore" posts will hopefully become a regular installment of this blog, by the way, in case anyone was wondering!


  1. God. Guidance counselors really do think a lot alike. They sent me to "anger management" when I was younger because I was "different". It was just two hours of some lady asking me why I wouldn't talk to the other kids. XD

  2. I totally agree with you Vivian, even though you are the Dark Lord, that sometimes it seems that school counselors do less counseling and more damage than they're hired to do.
    Actually, this is a theme that I think is echoed all over the workplace: people just aren't motivated to do their job correctly anymore. It's as if people just don't feel inspired or motivated anymore and I think that this lack of enthusiasm is contributing to major non-productivity in the workplace.