Monday, February 13, 2012

What I Wore, I Didn't Wear

      I really love the idea of What I Wore posts--I had one a while back--but even though I wear charming outfits all the time, it's pretty tough for me to get them on this blog. I'd love for this blog to have a little more modern fashion in it--although most of the stuff I wear is vintage anyway-- because I really do pride myself on my style choices, be they hits or misses, and how I creatively work around my school's uniform and our outrageous dress code (a whole other post entirely...).
  1. Actually taking a photo.  This is a huge toughy for me becuase I don't have access to the family's digital camera. I have to resort to taking any pictures on this blog with my Blackberry which, as some of you may already know, has HORRENDOUS photo quality. I mean, I guess the quality is alright if I'm taking a mirror picture in a dimly lit bedroom lifting up half my shirt so the light sorta dances on my belly....but that is NOT any sort of fashion photo that is on my agenda...
  2. Uploading said grainy photo! I'm not a big techie. Really, I'm took me a few months to find the calendar on my Blackberry. Anyway, about a year ago when I got my Blackberry for Christmas, I was supposed to insert the CD it came with into my computer so that I'd be able to update it and plug it in for things and well what do you know UPLOAD PICTURES. But a few years ago the CD thingy in my computer stopped....reading CDs. So I never downloaded the Blackberry program. So I can never just hook up my phone and download the pictures straight to my computer. No, I have to send the pictures to Facebook Mobile first, then on my computer download them from my Facebook....yeah not a process that encourages the excessive taking of photos.
  3. My sporadic posting. I really need to figure out some way to post more often. It's not that I don't have time, I've already finished applying to colleges and now I'm just applying for scholarships; no, it's that even though I may sign on to my blog everyday and read my blogroll and analyze my stats, I just don't feel like posting! Frankly, a part of me is afraid I won't post anything interesting/ charming/ entertaining enough for whatever few readers I have. I think I might be able to overcome this by having some sort of weekly installment--Tuesday Trinkets? What I Wore Wednesday? Pattern Review Thursday? I don't know readers. You choose! I'm giving you the liberty to help me write more regularly on my blog by choosing what kind of weekly installment I should do. You could pick from one of those I just mentioned or suggest your own! Or talk about your cat! Really, I'm aching from some comments here. (:
June 2011--With Bri, made the shirt. Shorts are from Stradivarius.
May 2011 (aka Rapture)--Friends and I went to a concert. On far right, black skinny pants, vintage black quilted fake leather bag, vintage yellow sweater.

September 2011--What I wore on the first day of school, (I took off my uniform shirt), far left, black skinny pants, blue cotton button-down shirt (men's medium!), vintage mauve sweater, handmade chain and pearl necklaces.

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