Saturday, May 26, 2012

Conformity isn't really my thing: What I Wore

In my town we have a uniform policy. Grades K-8 wear any khaki pants and a navy blue polo with the school's insignia, and the High School students wear any black (dress) pants with a tan polo. Now, tan is more of an understatement. The color of our school uniform tops is more like a combination of pale flesh, oatmeal, and Dunkin Donuts uniform. Blegh. Now, I was never one for conformity. When the uniform was proposed 6 years ago, my 6th grade self went to the town meeting and bravely defended kids' rights to dress their own way in order to express themselves and grow creatively.

You know what I was met with? Boos.

The other parents at the meeting BOOED ME. They booed a sixthgrader. These parents loved the idea of a uniform; now, they wouldn't have to do so much laundry, and their kids would always "fit in". Blah.

Anywho, I try to work around the uniform as best as I can. Technically, we're not supposed to wear sweatpants, leggings, sweaters, or sweatshirts but everyone does it anyway because communication is a huge problem in my school. In this outfit, my uniform shirt is covered by a sweater from the older lady section of JC Penney (no shame!). The skirt is from Forever 21 (a little black pleated number), the stocking and socks from H&M. The Marc Jacob boots were my Christmas splurge from 2 years ago; they're just nice heeled black combat boots that aren't too literal.

My favorite piece of the outfit is the headscarf. Really it's just a traditional Portuguese headscarf that I folded into a triangle and rolled up, then tied around my head and tucked the ends in. I really love the mix of the cobalt blue with the soft maroon and gold designs.

Please excuse the derp.

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  1. Ha ha, good for you. For my final exams we technically didn't have to wear uniform, but I was the only person who didn't except for the kid who was studying part time and didn't really go to the school anymore. Then I found out that my grandfather apparently shocked the school back when he was a teacher there by wearing shorts in summer back when everyone was wearing formal pants. Ha ha. I also used a wear a non-uniform black trenchcoat from the thrift shop in Winter.