Sunday, June 24, 2012

Congrats Class of 2012!

So, on Friday the 22nd my friends and I graduated, ready to leave behind our past four years of schooling in the pursuit of higher education. I graduated with honors, and as a member of National Honor Society. I wore the tangerine chiffon dress from the scholarship dinner a few months ago, and then changed into my favorite high-waisted plaid shorts and slouchy tee behind the bleachers in the gym.

Well at least amidst the stifling heat and severe thunderstorm warning, my hair looked good.

The best bitches! Sarah, John, Bri, Deborah, and Myself
Before Project Graduation--Lazaro and I in the cafeteria


  1. gratulation! you look very nice and your blog is very cute :)


  2. thank you!! followed your blog--love the photos on it!