Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY Inspiration Sunday: Floral Crowns

I've seen floral crowns popping up everywhere on the interweb, and I must admit I'm glad it's finally becoming sort of socially acceptable to wear a crown of flowers in public (:

I've yet to make my own, but I've been eying the silk flowers in the craft aisle of my local Wal-mart -- for $3-5, I can get a really nice, full bunch of surprisingly realistic flowers. I have a spool of nice, bend-y craft wire in my stash, so I just have to wait until my next babysitting paycheck to buy the floral tape and flowers--and maybe some matching tulle?

Anywho, here are some terrifically lovely examples of floral crowns via Honestly...WTF

The full, soft blooms on the left are definetely my favorite--very Pre-Raphaelite-esque!
More modern, architectural versions.

I've seen these floating on Tumblr for the longest time now-- totally swoon-worthy!
So readers, have any of you experimented in making/wearing a floral crown?


  1. Head to A.C Moore, or any craft store, there are beautiful flowers and natural green wires or brown ones even, that make great floral crowns. I used one for prom, and it looked great. I love your blog by the way. :)

  2. Thank you!! Yeah, I definitely think that a more natural-looking wire would look better than some terribly shiny all purpose you have any photos of your completed flower crown? I'd love to see it!