Saturday, June 9, 2012

What I Wore: 3-31-2012

The 31st of March was simultaneously my mother's birthday and the anniversary of our local Portuguese Cultural Association. I had to go to the PCA's anniversary party in order to receive a scholarship I had been given (yay!) and we took the opportunity to celebrate my mom's birthday there. It actually turned out to be a really fun birthday for her: lots of food, plenty of dancing. I'm a sucker for some traditional Portuguese food. The blood rice, the stewed organs, the roasted lamb and potatoes, and a number of other things which I don't know the name of but ate anyway (it's better that way...).

I wore a really pretty Bar III lavender chiffon dress I had got on sale at Macy's (love me some clearance rack). It's unlike the other party dresses I have, being that the others are all black and heavy (you know, for New Year's Eve, Christmas, my birthday--all prettymuch winter holidays).

Rather wrinkly cowl neck bodice

My camera has an automatic derp setting  -_-
I did my own hair too. First, I took a small lock of hair from behind my left ear and braided it, then bringing it across my head and pinning it down to form a "headband". I proceed by rolling my hair into a ponytail, and then tucking it in behind the scrunchie (it doesn't sound like it makes sense, but it's pretty simple haha).

I wore some really cute Bar III earrings too, also from Macy's. They were little chains, knotted, with rhinestones on the end, and I was fascinated by their mix of edgy and interesting.

Very messy at the end of the night! haha

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