Sunday, October 21, 2012

And Now I Can Blog Again!

I'm sure the blogosphere has noted my absence (yeah right!!) being that the last time I blogged was before I went on vacation! But, after a nice trip to Portugal in August and a bevy of blog-worthy photos, my computer was having a hard time uploading these photos from my camera!!

I have recently just got all the pictures on my computer, so prepare yourselves for a deluge of blog posts in the the next few days (:

In the meantime, I've started college (love it), made new friends (love them), and grown as a seamstress (now all seams must be finished!). I'm glad all my readers are still out there, it is the blogging community that continues to inspire me even on my lowest of days!

How about a nice photo of me and our rented Alpha Romeo Giulietta?

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