Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Portugal 2012: Part 1

This summer, my parents and I vacationed in Portugal, running it nearly from tip to tip! It was a great vacation, and truly, Portugal is overlooked as a tourist destination. It has great beaches, natural parks, waterfalls, Roman ruins, architecture that spans the ages, quirky museums, folk art and music, and a super quaint atmosphere! Also, the country has some really great modern infrastructure too, which makes a timeless, almost magical environment.

747 (:

We traveled with the German airline Lufthansa, honestly one of the best we've ever been on. We did a stopover in Frankfurt, Germany, so we could stretch our legs for a few hours. Finally, we arrived in Lisbon, Portugal!

It feels nice to rent a luxury car! A big change from the clunker I drive at home, lol

Leaving the airport

The Vasco Da Gama Bridge--its huge!!

The chapparal landscape as we drive down south
 We leave the airport and drive to the south, our destination being Albufeira, Portugal, where we will enjoy the beach and the nightlife for a week.


Albufeira is located between Portimao and Faro.

Dry and scruffy! And look how busy this major highway is!! Its almost empty :o
The lush tropical landscape as we drive into Albufeira!

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