Monday, June 10, 2013

Completed Vietnamese Montagnard Shirt!

And finally, after months of on and off crazy sewing, the Vietnamese Montagnard Shirt is complete! Since my last post, I added rows of trim down the sides, hemmed it, and added black buttons to the front.
Gratuitous Instagram pic!
Although I am proud of my handiwork, there are a few things I would do differently if I ever had to make one of these again:
  • Cut the neckline narrower--it dips too low in the back
  • Add underarm gussets, maybe. Even though the sleeve was shaped, it still was a bit tight in the underarm area -Sigh- so maybe some tried and true historical gussets can be a solution?
  • Cut the chest with a little more room. My friend wanted a "slim fit," and after taking his measurements I compared them with one of his favorite button down shirts which was a slim fit. However, that button down shirt must've been made of fabric with a little more give, because this turned out too tight across the chest and belly.
  • Apply the trim differently. I realized that instead of covering up the shoulder seam with the gold trim, I should have sewn the gold trim in a continuous vertical stripe up the front of the shirt, and sewn the red trim over the shoulder seam. Images on Google confirm this, but when I was putting on the shoulder trim I was really burning the midnight oil trying to get it finished for him to wear to a film festival a few months ago. Live and learn!
My final thoughts on this shirt? It reminds me of livery! Especially with all that trim up the front, and the gilded braid!

Via this lovely and informative site!

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