Sunday, June 16, 2013

Portugal 2012: Part 6

I am so woefully late with this series of posts! It's been almost a year since my summer vacation in Portugal, and I am still posting up photos from it...leave it to me to have this post saved as a draft and forget to publish it for months! Anywho, if you wouldn't mind a bit more photo spam...

On the same day that we departed from Evora, we were taken much by surprise by what appeared to be a walled fortress, rising up on the only hill visible in the area. After circling up the narrow mountain road we arrived at the archway marking the entrance to the the village. The village itself was surprisingly small. Some houses had bits of old stone walls or archways, possibly from the time of the castle, worked into their architecture. This was definitely the road less traveled!

The walls surrounding the little village and Evoramonte Castle.
Image via Wikipedia--the itty bitty village and the castle.
This narrow little passageway is what we had to navigate our rental car through to get to the village!
Evoramonte, distinguished by its historic castle, was founded in 1160 after the banishment of Moors from the area. The castle itself was constructed in 1306, under the instruction of King Denis to fortify the area. The castle, of three stories with large circular chambers at each corner, wasn't a place of residence--the castle served as a kind of hunting lodge and party locale.  Each of the three floors have terribly thick, squat pillars of Moorish design holding up the low ceiling. The four corners are massive circular structures, each with their own enormous, Hogwarts-worthy fireplace...I could only imagine the succulent roasts enchanting each room with their decadent, hearty smells!

Dad sneezing in front of Evoramonte castle.
Inside Evoramonte Castle--low ceilings, thick pillars, terracotta tile floors and MASSIVE fireplaces.
Evoramonte literally means "Evora Mountain," a fitting name as it lies atop the only hill for many miles, err, kilometers. Unfortunately, our camera battery was already running low, so we didn't get many photographs.

The terrain is already greener here...Evoramonte is really elevated!

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