Sunday, June 16, 2013

Portugal 2012: Part 7

And to finish up my Portugal 2012 series (, some photographs of the medieval walled town of Obidos. Obidos is set among green hills, an almost central location on the Western coast of Portugal. According to Wikipedia, the name "Obidos" probably derives from the Latin word oppidum, meaning citadel or fortified city. And fortified city it is! Roman city ruins were found in the area where the city and castle were built. In 713, after the Romans left, the Moors took over the settlement. The reconquest of this city in 1148 by the first King of Portugal, Alfonso Henriques, was the final stage of the conquest of that region.

The entrance to the city is the archway. I'm not sure where that ornate door leads to--it was closed off.
After going through the arch, a cool portico leading to the city. In here were these elaborate, traditional Portuguese tile murals. Maybe this is where that door leads to?
One of the beautiful, rustic cobblestone streets of the enclosed city.
The city's church
A small obelisk in front of the church. Dad looks worn out already!

We couldn't go inside the castle--today it is used as a sort of fancy hotel. This is the view from the back courtyard of the castle.
In July, the courtyards are transformed into a Medieval Market.

Looking down on the back courtyard.
I tried to climb as far up as I could--it was so windy and I was so high up, I couldn't even make it to the tower! How did knights climb up these things, without even a safety rail on one side?? Eeep!
Obidos, apart from its history, is also known for a particularly unique dark cherry liquor, called Ginja. And the best way to enjoy Ginja? Why, in little chocolate cups of course! This may be the most delicious thing I ever drank. My dad is enjoying an espresso in a cookie wafer cup lined in chocolate...yum!!

Chocolate and dark cherry liquor? Yes, please!

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