Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vintage Pattern Stash: Part 1

My grandma and aunt used to sew in their time, working with purpose and need. However, neither of them have the time/will/dexterity/eyesight for sewing anymore, and so my grandma recently gave me all of her vintage pattern stash.

The numerous patterns span from the 60s-80s, and most of the earlier ones are so darn cute! I've never been too crazy about 60's fashion, but just one look at those pattern envelope illustrations and I'm mentally salivating over those cutesy, girlishly adorable ensembles.

This super-CUTE tennis outfit even includes little frilled booty shorts! Gahhhh!

I could just imagine that center illustration turned into a smart Spring coat, just as easily as it could be an easy, classy Summer garment!

What a suit! Both feminine and strong, I could see this as a fashionable ensemble even in today's workplace. If I made this, I would just remove some of the gathering and ease from the sleeve cap.

I think this one might be 70s, but I can picture any of these three on my slight frame.

I feel as if any time I scour Etsy and Ebay for older patterns, everything I find is frumpy and terribly outdated. These patterns are such a dream, especially since several of them seem to transcend the temporal boundaries of fashion and look as if they wouldn't be out of place today.

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