Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I've Won Two Lovely Patterns!

I must be on a lucky streak this year, because I won AnnieAbabwa's sewing pattern giveaway! This was the first giveaway I've participated in that was conducted solely through Tumblr.

Butterick 5605, a repro pattern, is easily my favorite of the two. The design of the bodice is very geometric, and it would be my first time working with kimono sleeves (which I've been dying to try!). Did You Make That has an excellent tutorial for handling the sleeve gussets in this dress.

The second pattern was charming Butterick 5357, which will be stored in the pattern box until summer (or until I find a suitable fabric--maybe a lovely eyelet like View B).

 I have plans to make B605, the 50's repro, very soon, because I found suitable fabric recently. My university's town is failry affluent and their yard sales are worth the 45 minute drive. I bought about 2.5 yards of a lovely, super-soft black cotton for $1.75; I suspect this cotton has either some rayon or a higher thread count because it is suprisingly, luxuriously soft and it will be perfect as a lining. At an estate sale the same day, I bought 2 yards of a brown-grayish (it looked black when I bought it!) suiting for $1. Not only was the fabric cheap and obviously good quality, but I was attracted to how black it looked in the lighting of the house. However, when I got home, I realized the fabric was actually brown-gray, and kinda dull...but the reverse side was a more hopeful maroon-gray! Which side of the fabric would you choose?

An exceptionally soft (possibly some rayon?) black cotton.

Kinda bleh color but it's not so bad in person.
Less bleh-colored maroonish...oh, what have I done?
I would make B605 with a few changes: I'd shorten the skirt to above the knee and I'd lengthen the sleeves to above the elbow. I'd make View C, with the button flap back, due to my lack of material (only 2 yards and the pattern calls for 3.5!). The pattern has you make a lining and pockets using the fashion material, but that seems wasteful, and with such a heavy warm fabric, uncomfortable. I'd make the lining and pockets out of the black cotton, and maybe add a waist stay.

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  1. I rather like the light-trick fabrics that have a color you have to guess at, so I'd vote for the maroon side. The photo may be deceiving, but it seems to have a little more "finish" on that side. :)