Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Inspiration Strikes

Last night I decided to take a well-earned break from homework by flipping through my Portuguese 08/2012 edition of Burdastyle magazine. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how dangerous that would be...

My 5 minute break became a half-hour design session. I found a length of attractive--if somewhat musty and dirty--polyester pink wool (?) my Grandma gave me. It's that kind of dark pink that non-pink-wearers like me can tolerate. It's so hard to choose between the two pencil skirt options provided in this issue--the godet is visually interesting, but would a plain pencil skirt be more versatile?

The drape is a bit stiff..maybe not right for a godet?
This photo comes closest to capturing the true color and the charming weave.
Godet Pencil Skirt #112
Pencil Skirt #111C

Readers, what do you think? Should I opt for a basic springtime staple, or mix it up with a decorative element that also provides greater freedom of movement?


  1. A difficult decision indeed. As you said, the plain pencil skirt would be more versatile but the godet one might look flattering and more springtime-y (if you know what I mean). You could just flip a coin. Whatever option you sew it should not be that hard to alter it afterwards if you suddenly like the other version more. Good luck!
    PS: I like your blog :-)

  2. I find it hard to resist gores, so would vote for the movement and interest of the godet. :) But you have to post photos of it when it is complete!