Saturday, April 19, 2014

Medieval Times

When my University was offering discounted Medieval Times tickets, me and two friends, Ruti and Haijia, were quick to grab some up! The first time I was at Medieval Times it was for my 8th birthday, and I was utterly enchanted but hadn't gone since.

Ruti (a fellow sewist and crocheter) was eager to dress up with me. Luckily we are very similar in size! I loved being able to give my costumes a new opportunity to come out of the closet; after all, isn't that why we sew?

Ruti wore my pseudo-Medieval angel dress that I reworked for the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2013 Challenge # 18. She looked beautiful in it, and her hair perfectly complemented the dress!

Ruti and Haijia
I was very excited to wear my Bronzino Gown again. This time, I abandoned the strapless soft cup bra, and the bodice was overall more comfortable and had fewer wrinkles.

I also wore my hair differently. Since it's a bit longer now, I made two braids behind my ears and brought them up onto my head. My hair is thin, so it's hard to see the braids, but many 16th century Italian paintings show a similar hairstyle.

Portrait of Antea "La Bella" by Parmigianino

Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi by Bronzino

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  1. Nice! You were both probably far more accurate than the show itself. ;-)