Thursday, October 2, 2014

New York Renassaince Faire 2014

In early September I had plans to attend the New York Renaissance Faire. This would be a step up from last year's foray with the Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival, and I was both excited to experience new things but dreading the 90 degree forecast!

What to wear, what to wear...of course the Filippo Lippi Medieval-ish Tunic was far too warm, and I would surely have gotten heatstroke wearing the Bronzino Gown.

Naturally, I began whipping up a bodice the day prior to the NYRF and worked on it until 3 a.m. and later in the car on the way to Tuxedo Park. I was unable to finish it in time but it was an honest attempt, and my back-up outfit wasn't so bad!

I wore my stand-by Italian Renaissance Camicia, 18th Century Petticoats, and one of the Italian Tarantella Bodices. I wore my Embroidered 18th Century Pockets (a great idea for carrying my water bottle--no way was I going to pay nearly $5 for water!), a vintage belt, and a vintage necklace (which I picked up at an estate sale for pennies). I tucked my brown petticoat into the waistband to break up the expanse of oatmeal brown.

Myself, the Faire's Maid Marion, and my friend who brought me to the Faire.
Wearing the Moresca Cleo bodice. Yes, it was beautifully designed and constructed, but for me, buying garb ruins the fun of creating your own!
Also, isn't nearly $200 a little much for something I'll only wear once a year?
Overall, the outfit was cute and practical. I can proudly say that I had the largest, fluffiest sleeves at the Faire! Yes, it was 90 degrees and extremely humid, and yes, I must wash the hideous sweatstains out of my camicia, but I am happy in knowing that even though I mixed 16th and 18th century pieces, I was still one of the most Renaissance-looking people at the Faire.

I understand that the Faire isn't the place for historical accuracy, and practicality is a major consideration (my petticoats were caked with mud after the Washer Woman Wenches show), but I don't think I can wear a knit top or worse--printed knit "bloomers" with synthetic lace! I think I looked "Film Historical," that is, not historically accurate but not out of place in a period production.

More pictures from the New York Renaissance Faire:

The Spanish dignitary. I loved the trim on his cape!
The Queen. And hey, they even got a redhead!
The Queen's Court. That striped gown had a MASSIVE bumpad!

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  1. Well, that looks like it was a super fun event! I love your outfit! The colors are so very fun and work so well together! You look marvelous!