Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Most Popular Posts of 2014

My sewing resolutions for 2014 were grand: participation in the 2014 Historical Sew Fortnightly, 18th century undergarments, an Edwardian corset and shirtwaist, the beginnings of a Portuguese Folkloric costume. Alas, maintaining straight A's with an 18 credit courseload, two jobs, and an internship wasn't easy, and sewing fell to the back burner. I worked on many small projects, some of which haven't made it onto the blog yet. I did a lot of embroidery this year, such as the Scarlet Letter embroidery, which I'm very proud of.

Let's see what you most enjoyed on my blog this year!

Most Popular Posts of 2014:
I had no idea this post would be my most popular post of the year, with more than 500 page views! I was disappointed in the outfit I quickly threw together, but all the fun I had at the NYRF definitely made up for it. Big plans for next year's NYRF costume!

I had so much fun making this tutorial and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! I still get a lot of wear out of this belt and plan to make more.

This was my least favorite make of the year! It was a long and fussy project, and my difficulty comprehending the instructions resulted in a wonky bustle. It is very much functional, though, and was donated to the Kearny Museum for the display of an extant 1870s gown.

As I researched and prepared to make my own Portuguese Folkloric Costume Traje Domingar, I realized that resources on construction were pretty limited on the internet. Most websites I found with information were quoting the same passage from a book, and it was really difficult to find details on the construction of these costumes. I am privileged to have my own (now severely outgrown!) purchased costume, and wanted to provide others with whatever construction details I gleaned from my costume.

Here was another instance where I wanted to assist historical costumers by providing a detailed look at extant clothing. This Edwardian petticoat is in the Kearny Museum.

Most Popular Post of All Time:
I never expected this labor of love--and one of my most extensive and time-consuming projects--to gain over 10,000 page views! Though the group retains none of its original dancers, the routine remains performed with the same energy and passion. Even four years, and a set of four vests and sashes for the boys, later, these costumes continue to help people around the world research and create their own!
What were your favorite projects of 2014?

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  1. You were busy in 2014!! Thank you for the great recap!! I can't wait to see what 2014 brings for you!