Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 Re-Sew-Lutions

I had meant to post my sewing resolutions for this year in January, but became swept up in a rush of essays and assignments from college. With this year's resolutions, I'm really trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and incorporate sewing into my busy life instead of waiting for my vacations.

My 2015 Re-Sew-Lutions

1. Complete at least 1 project every month
These can be as simple as a petticoat or embroidered pillowcase, or as extravagant as a gown! I have a huge list of projects I want to complete this year, including my 1920s lingerie, another 1920s dress, a Waterhouse "Ophelia" gown, a Medieval linen cote, and a Portuguese folkloric costume.

2. Write at least 3 blog posts every month
I think this is a pretty reasonable goal, especially if I consider that at least one of those posts will be about my monthly projects! So far, in January, I published 3 posts and I think this is a pretty good blogging rhythm for me.

3. Participate in at least 6 Historical Sew Monthly challenges 
Though I'm striving for 12 completed projects this year, not all of those projects fit into the Historical Sew Monthly challenges. Half-participation is still better than my sporadic participation in past years, though!

I really feel like I got this year off to a great start with my beaded 1920s gown. I'm really excited about all the other projects I want to complete this year, and have already started planning and gathering materials for them!

On my blog this week, look out for posts about the vintage beads I used in my 1920s dress (with an ethics discussion!) and my progress with my 1920s lingerie set.

Have you set any special sewing resolutions for yourself this year?

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