Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Portugal 2012: Evora

One of the most marvelous places I have ever been to was the Se de Evora, the second-oldest cathedral in Portugal. This is a pic-heavy post, but it'll show you just how marvelous this experience was!

The Se was built in the 12th century (1186) but consecrated in 1204. It was only completed in 1250.  Because of this time gap the cathedral has both Roman and Gothic influences, such as the three naves. During the 15th and 16th centuries the cathedral underwent remodeling to the pulpit, baptismal font, and chapel. The Baroque aesthetic is also present in this church in the form of massive amounts of gold leaf. It's incredible how one monument could witness and represent so much that changed through humanity and ways of thought!

The entrance to the cathedral.
Can you believe I'm standing on the roof!? There were lichens all along the parapet.

The view extending for miles...and a glimpse of the Roman Temple!
The arid terrain stretched out before us. From this view I really felt like I had stepped back centuries in time!

There were several of these beautiful butterflies flitting about.

I feel like this belongs on top of Hogwarts!

The bell-tower
Along the cloister garden
Shrine in the center of the Cathedral


Paintings from the 17th and 16th centuries, deteriorating along the edges.

The Se is MASSIVE!
Oh, what great views of the gowns! I believe this is from the 17th century.

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