Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pinterest Picks

This week's edition of Pinterest Picks begins with this American dress from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Though it looks very similar to the infamous Chemise a la Reine, this cotton beauty is actually from the 1890s!

Another stunner from the Met: this 1920s evening dress is a lovely example of Eastern and Middle Eastern influences on Western fashion. Note the vibrant, warm colors, the exotic print, and the unique batwing sleeves!

This velvet and chiffon beauty from 1914-1920 has been meticulously beaded with glass and shell beads. Imagine how heavy this dress must have felt when worn!

Notice a common theme yet? To celebrate America's birthday, I chose pieces that were not only American in origin but also American in design, and therefore, red, white, and blue! Additionally, each piece represents fashions or elements from other cultures and countries, indicative of America's immigrant heritage.

What is the most patriotic historical garment you have ever found?

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