Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tangled Sun Banner DIY

Another DIY Sunday post, except today I actually made something! I know someone who's really crazy about the Disney movie Tangled, and who one day hopes to get the Tangled sun motif as a tattoo.

image via Google
To make my own recreation of the above, I drew a template based off of screenshots from the film. For the yellow fabric, I snipped up an old pillowcase, and for the purple material, I used the same purple satin from my Hermione's Beaded Purse DIY.

I appliqued the sun pieces with a discreet stitch so that minimal thread would show on the back side of the satin. I Fray-Checked the edges of the satin so it wouldn't unravel over time, as well as all the edges of the yellow pieces.

Just a few knots in the back, not too bad!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Won the Sew Well Pearl Necklace Giveaway!

I know I should've told you all this a while ago, but I was the winner of Sew Well's Pearl Necklace Giveaway!! I'm so excited to have won this beautiful necklace, it really is quite a dream--I think I'll have to buy some tickets to the opera just to wear it right!

The packaging of the necklace showed a lot of thought and care, which I really appreciated!

Beautiful design on the shipping address.

And a fleur-de-lis covered box! How cute!

Even though this was such an impromptu photoshoot, you can still admire how lovely the necklace is.
And here's a fun shot with an old lace scarf and the necklace twined in my hair--the best I could do at an Edwardian hairstyle.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Portugal 2012: Part 3

Let me resume my tale of my summer vacation by elaborating on the next stop of my journey! After a week in warm coastal Portugal's beaches, we decided to travel through super historic southern Portugal. The Iberian Peninsula's architecture was influenced by many different cultures throughout history, especially as part of the Roman empire, and because of Moorish occupation for several centuries (until the Portuguese gradually pushed them out through a series of wars). Anywho, we drove up to Beja, on our way to UNESCO site Evora (but that's for a different post!).

Beja Castle--look at the original stones, and the replacement ones! Such a difference.

A deteriorating archway to the castle...was this grassy area once an outdoor room? Or did the archway lead to a stable house or training grounds? Squee it's still so cool!
Detail of the door
The outer courtyard, as you enter through the big doors.

The inner courtyard, some winding steps, and a beautiful and interesting tower!
The parapet above the courtyard.

Look at that view! Here, the landscape is flat and dry, unlike the scrubby mountains.

Lichens on the rocks!

Another shot of the inner courtyard. That's a beautiful baroque church in the back!
A statue of a Medieval Knight ermehgerddd! I believe the statue was made of Limestone because it was soft enough that people had etched their names into it.

These photos were from within that beautiful tower. There was even a carved coffin lid that must've been for a high-ranking knight--and the date inscribed on the bottom said it was from the 13th century!

This knight had a big nose--and some SWEET armor, too.

For my hair that day I used the Hot Cross Bun Tutorial from The Beauty Department, even though it didn't come out well, but at least I tried.

The archway from the inner courtyard to the outer courtyard, with a nice little tree.

The baroque church and courtyard outside Beja Castle.

And so we commenced our journey to Evora!