Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What I Wore: 4-5-2012

My friend Jade and I went to go see The Hunger Games last week, and, of course, I insisted on dressing up. As who? Why, Effie Trinket of course!

I was disappointed that I wasn't able to get my hair as poofed and curled as Effie's, but I felt that the rest of my outfit, considering the adjustments I had to make because of the cold weather (sorry for that black undershirt...), was a fairly reasonable interpretation of Capitol style.

Suitably large hair flower!
I know that the black undershirt messes it up, but it was cold.

This is a vintage suit that my mom used to wear eons ago. It's too big for me in the hips, which is why I don't wear it often despite its adorableness. It's a light pink damask, and although you can't see it, the back is a V-shape that closes with buttons. CUTE! I'm wearing my black heeled combat boots with this because I didn't feel like walking all the way to the movie theater in heels. I don't think you can see it in the pictures, but I was actually carrying around an iridescent blue clipboard. Yup. From my Lisa Frank days. The large beaded pink flower in my hair is actually a Christmas tree decoration (NO SHAME!); I bought it to wear in my lapels or on my bags, but I think Effie would've had a stash of these in her closet just for her hair.

Again, please excuse the blurryness and graininess of these photos on my blackberry. ):

Let's Call it a "Stationary Bicycle"

Well then.

A few nights ago my father walked in with this on his back. He plopped it in front of the television, took a breath, and said that "now your mom doesn't have an excuse not to exercise."

Wow. Yes. A vintage exercise bike. It must be veryyy old, because its design is so simple. I suspect it's from at LEAST the 70's; it doesn't even have a mile-counter or anything. It is literally just a frame and a wheel. I can't even call it an exercise machine. Just an exercise apparatus or a stationary bike or something.

But you know what? IT WORKS GREAT. There's a little knob where you can change the resistance on the wheel, which I think is pretty useful. Apparently, my dad saw this in our neighbor's trash, and so he picked it up and walked all the way around the block with the bike on his back so the neighbor's wouldn't see him.

Needless to say my dad and I have been using this way more than my mom (it's right in front of the television so we really have no choice) and I've noticed some pleasant formation of muscle in my legs. Wooooo!

Does anyone have a better idea of when this exercise bike was manufactured?