Friday, March 14, 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly Late Challenge

I love the Historical Sew Fortnightly: the challenge themes, the inspiring entries. Except no matter how many great things I can think up for the challenges, I know I won't be able to make them (2 majors, a minor and a part time job do that to you....).

However, I convinced myself to complete at least 2 HSF challenges this year. I initially intended to submit my Edwardian Drawers Made from Curtains for Challenge #3 Pink, because of the pink embroidery. When that deadline came and went, I figured I'd have them completed by Challenge #4 Under It All.

Yeah. The deadline for that challenge was several weeks ago. I've been so swamped with midterm exams and projects that I haven't even touched the drawers in that time. My Spring Break has officially began, and in between catching up on homework and doing those things I don't normally get to do during the semester--dust my room, manicure my nails, clean the crumbs out from the bottom of my purse--I want to work on several UFOs, including the drawers.

At this point, the embroidered monogram on the waistband of the drawers has been completed. My next step is to attach the legs to the waistband, sew the waist darts to the waistband, and add buttons and buttonholes!

The color of the embroidery is actually pink, not orange!

The embroidery is done in split stitch, french knots, and lazy daisy (detached chain) stitch. I was going to have leaves on the outside too, but I thought it looked too cluttered. The thread is a pretty soft, baby pink, but shows up as sorbet in my camera.

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