Thursday, November 13, 2014

Embroidered Monogram Satin Pouches

You might remember this purple satin from my Hermione Beaded Bag. I still have so much of this purple polyester satin; it frays so badly, and lets off that obnoxious polyester sheen, that I am hesitant to use it even as a lining.

At the end of August I had the idea of turning that purple satin into little drawstring gift bags! I made about 4 plain drawstring satin pouches to package a few souvenirs for my colleagues. Then it occurred to me that these little pouches would look great with an embroidered monogram!

I just finished whipping these up at the end of October...for once I have my Christmas gifts made well before Christmas! I made three bags, monogrammed with an "A," an "L," and a double monogram "JR." The monograms are made in DMC cotton thread and worked in a simple and quick chain stitch. Each monogram is an original design!

The pouches each began as a single rectangle, with the upper, lower, and side edges serged to prevent fraying. The monogram and eyelets for the ribbon drawstring were then embroidered, and the top edge turned twice and sewn. The pouches fasten with a narrow pink satin ribbon.

Embroidering on the satin was difficult, as the satin had a tendency to pucker and snag. The pouches were too small for me to use my embroidery hoop, and using just my hand to regulate the tension worsened the puckering issue.

This was a very fun and rewarding project! The satin pouches can be used to hold jewelry, spare change, or small gifts. They were an easy, personalized gift which the recipients loved!

Have you ever embroidered on satin? What was your experience with that?

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