Thursday, October 18, 2018

1790s / Regency Bodiced Petticoat

The very sheer nature of my 1790s apron-front round gown meant begged for another modesty layer to be worn underneath. Using proportions from the few extant regency petticoats I could find online, I drafted a bodiced petticoat. The bodice portion was made from a tightly woven but lightweight cotton, and the skirt portion was made from the same gauzy cotton voile I used to make my 1790s gown.

The bodiced petticoat is made with the same shapes as the bodice back and bodice under flaps (is there a better terms for these??) as my 1790s gown. It is fastened with spiral lacing through VERY small handsewn eyelets at the front. I really enjoy making itty bitty eyelets!

And when I wear my bodiced petticoat, my gauzy 1790s gown goes from Merveilleuse to modest (well, at least opaque)!

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