Friday, June 20, 2014

Pinterest Picks

Pinterest: the rabbit hole for sewists, crafters, DIYers, fashion afficionados, baking buffs, home improvement gurus, holiday decor experts, comiccon mavens,....In general, a place of seemingly endless inspiration for millions of people. It usually starts out as "lemme just log on for 5 minutes" and ends 4 hours later, with your head buzzing from so many amazing ideas that your brain cells are begging for a break.

During my recent *ahem* "excursions" through Pinterest, I stumbled upon several pins that held me breathless for a dangerous amount of time. I wanted to share these awe-inspiring pins with my readership, and decided to create a new weekly segment called Pinterest Picks, which may later have its own folder on my Pinterest, too.

Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal, August 1927
This fashion illustration represents the epitome of 1920's style: dropped waists, beaded trims, interesting skirt designs, sashes....! And how amazing are the embroidered clumps of flowers on the dress on the left?

Aerial views from Marie Antoinette's hamlet at the Palace of Versailles
This image really puts new perspective on Marie Antoinette's little pastoral hideaway!

Gold and enamel locket, c. 1915
Wow, isn't this piece a stunner! I wonder what outfit this WWII era locket would have been worn with?

Wedding Dress, 1850, silk embroidered with metallic embroidery
Could you imagine all the hours that went into this amazing gown? All the broken needles, all the silk thread, all the sore fingers...

Rules of Flirtation
Both funny and charming, these instructions for flirtation with a parasol and gloves is a fun read! Have you ever used these methods at a ball or historical event?

I'm still not too sold on the name Pinterest Picks for this new segment, and welcome any suggestions from you!


  1. Oh....mygosh!!! I LOVE those 1920s dresses!! What fun!!

  2. However you will call it, keep sharing your finds! :-)

  3. Flirting with fans and gloves confuses me. First of all, they just confuse me period, but second of all; if everyone knew what those signals meant then it wasn't very stealth was it. I mean everyone around you would be like, "oooh, there goes Hortense folding up her gloves again. Cheeky hussy"

    1. Also for someone like me, who frequently gets her left and right muddled up, it could be a recipe for disaster!