Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Sneaker DIY

This summer, I scored an internship in the Fashion Department of Cliché Magazine, a free digital magazine covering topics such as Beauty, Fashion, and Entertainment. I was very excited to write my first post for Cliché, and decided to come in with a bang and pitch an original DIY idea. I had considered putting this DIY on my blog since I bought these cool purple canvas shoes last summer, but only found the right fabric recently!

I have seen tons of canvas sneaker DIYs on the internet (painting, studs, glitter) but never a simple change like a fabric applique.

This DIY is easy even if you're not too familiar with a needle and thread. To make unique, bold shoes, stitch a fabric applique on the canvas shoes of your choice! That's it! Select the area of the shoe to decorate, make a template of that area, cut out the fabric and sew it to the shoe! You can read the full post here!

And if you're not ready for a bold, printed shoe, just applique a small strip of the shoe at the back for a small hint of surprise!

I had a hard time choosing between the mosaic pattern and the floral, so I did both. If you could applique a canvas sneaker, what contrast fabric would you choose?

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