Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tangled Sun Banner DIY

Another DIY Sunday post, except today I actually made something! I know someone who's really crazy about the Disney movie Tangled, and who one day hopes to get the Tangled sun motif as a tattoo.

image via Google
To make my own recreation of the above, I drew a template based off of screenshots from the film. For the yellow fabric, I snipped up an old pillowcase, and for the purple material, I used the same purple satin from my Hermione's Beaded Purse DIY.

I appliqued the sun pieces with a discreet stitch so that minimal thread would show on the back side of the satin. I Fray-Checked the edges of the satin so it wouldn't unravel over time, as well as all the edges of the yellow pieces.

Just a few knots in the back, not too bad!


  1. Wow, your sewing is so neat! There would be a lot more than a few dots on the back if I made that!

  2. Thank you! I really did this in a rush, in the span of a few hours, so I wasn't expecting it to look this clean (: