Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Faded Wool, Silk, and Velvet Bodice c. 1905-8

The original, awkward, extremely anachronistic display of this bodice is described here. This bodice was infested with moths, so before I was able to properly store it, I had to tuck it in the freezer for a bit to kill off the moths.

This wool bodice had faded from a dark forest green to a dull moss color. The silk inset and neckband is very shattered. The neckband is trimmed with two strips of narrow black velvet ribbon. Black velvet also trims the waistband, and ends in a decorative "bow" at the left side closure. The sleeve cuffs and bodice are decorated with black velvet cut in a sharp scallop pattern. The scallops are decorated with seed beads and sequins. The bodice is lined in coral-colored cotton, black (possibly polished) cotton, and a gray floral pattern.

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Fading under arm. The forest green wool faded to a soft olive shade from excessive exposure to sunlight.
The original color of the wool was preserved underneath the decorated beaded velvet "flaps."
The silk lining of the neckband and the silk inset had shattered.
The front flap is lined in coral-colored cotton. Beige bias binding encloses the seam.
Two sets of hooks and eyes in the front: on the right hand side of the "pigeon" gathers, and on the left side seam.

Black polished cotton is replaced for the green wool where the bodice fastens and overlaps.
I wonder what this loop is for?
Two hooks, presumably to help secure a skirt.
Large stitches in black thread hold the gathers of the decorative velvet waistband in place.
Pleats on the elbow of the sleeve.


  1. I know NOTHING whatever about this, but the loop looks to me almost exactly like modern hanger loops. Odd!

  2. Poor baby, looks like it needs a rest.

    You know, I might date this one a bit earlier. Tight sleeves, curved, with only a little pouching at the front - maybe more like ca. 1900?