1920s Beaded Dress | Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge #24 "All That Glitters"

All of the details on the design and construction of this dress can be found in my previous post!

What the item is: Beaded 1920s Dress

The Challenge: #24 All That Glitters

Fabric: Polyester Satin

Pattern: "Back Drapery in Cascade Effect Trims This Graceful Costume," by Ruth Wyeth Spears. Illustration found in The Midvale Cottage Post blog.

Year: Mid-1920s

Notions: Thread, 3 beaded appliques cut from beaded trim, vintage seed beads, bugle beads, self-fabric bias binding

How historically accurate is it?  Very, aside from the polyester fabric. The neckline and armhole facings are self-fabric bias binding and were handstitched to the dress. The hem was also handstitched. The french seams on the shoulders and side of the dress are supported by instructions in period sewing manuals. The drape is finished with a handstitched rolled hem, and all beads were applied by hand. The seed beads are vintage and I believe they could date to the 1920s.

Hours to complete: Approximately 5 days

First worn: January 2015 for the filming of a video tour of Hobart Manor, a historic building on my college's campus

Total cost: Nothing! The satin was from the stash, and I think I only payed $2 or $3 per yard. The beaded appliques were also in the stash, and the bugle and seed beads were given to me for free at a yard sale!

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