Monday, October 15, 2018

NYC Historical Costumers 18th Century Picnic

I recently joined the NYC Historical Costumers group and enjoyed a splendid 18th century picnic in Central Park with the group this weekend! I wore my handsewn 1790s apron-front gown and bodiced petticoat, along with a rather poorly arranged turban and faux pashmina shawl.

I put pomatum in my hair and then wet set it in foam rollers, slept in them overnight, then loosened the curls the next day and haphazardly tossed on a turban and fake braid. Considering I have thin, straight hair, I'm rather impressed at the intense, tight curls produced by using the pomatum! 

Regency wedgie shot!

I also attired my friends in my Chemise a la Reine, two handsewn 18th century men's shirts, a handsewn cravat, breeches, and a Victorian-esque velvet vest -- it's a great feeling when you've amassed enough of a costume wardrobe that you can outfit an entire party!

I styled Nora's thick, long, wavy hair with lavender-scented pomatum and powder from LBCC Historical Apothecary -- doesn't she look divine? She is the epitome of hedgehog fabulousness!

I just finished the vest and shirt for a Sweeney Todd costume, and the breeches were made in 4 hours to wear at a Renaissance Faire earlier this year!

The winners of a raffle - I won a bag of fabric scraps!

I LOVED this fur-trimmed sacque back gown!

It was so fun to meet some local costume enthusiasts and very inspiring to see everyone's outfits. I'm looking forward to the next event, and excited about being an active blogger again!


  1. What a fun looking picnic! I'm so glad you're enjoying the hobby and bringing new friends to it too! :)

    1. The best things in life are best shared -- it's rather magical to see someone's reaction to their first historical event. We're planning a historical hair salon for our next get together!