Monday, October 22, 2012

18th Century Petticoat Revisited

The brown petticoat I made from a sheet from my 18th century undergarments post, sadly, ripped. I wore my Chemise a la Reine outfitted as The Ghost of Christmas Past to school on the day before Winter break--merely by swapping out the pink sash with a red and gold cashmere one, and adding a festive crown of garland. At the end of the day, I noticed that the left hand side of the back panel of my petticoat had several large horizontal rips--perhaps someone or myself stepped on it with too much force.

Being that during summer break I had a lot of time to flex my sewing muscles, I picked apart the petticoat, leaving two panels (a front and a terribly ripped back) and their respective waistbands (set aside for now). I cut off the ripped half of the back panel, and sewed in a new panel. However, I figured since I already had the skirt's seams undone, I might as well make it wider--my original petticoat didn't have as much "fluff" and "bootylishisness" as I desired. So, I doubled the petticoat in width, adding a huge panel the same width as the original width of the petticoat. I sewed it all up, repleated it, and made a new waistband--slightly wider in case one of my friends needed to wear it or something, or to accommodate a future false rump.

A nice shot of my butt. Yup, professional photographer, yours truly...

Sorry these photos are so blurry and the petticoat is so wrinkly!!

On the other hand, look how tan my back is!! These shots were taken right at the end of the summer.

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