Sunday, October 21, 2012

McCall's 6557 - Black Polka Dot Chiffon Dress

Since my mom:
1. Tolerates my sewing and how every time I sew the carpet gets covered in little bits of thread
2. Buys most of my sewing material
3. Helps me fit garments and offers constructive criticism
4. Loves me

I decided to return the favor and sew a dress for her. I let her pick out the pattern and the fabric, but I took some creative liberty with the pattern instructions to give the dress a really nice look. The pattern she picked was McCall's 6557 .

My mom chose a shortened version of View C, which the model is wearing. I used the skirt length from view A, the shortest length, since my mom's on the petite side.

She was inspired by the pattern envelope and picked out a sheer, lightweight black chiffon with delicate, small white polka dots. We decided not to do the contrasting waistband, but instead go for a mature, vintage-y look.

I loved the full circle skirt, and thought it very flattering on my mom. The dress involved a fair bit of hand sewing, as I hand sewed the zipper in and blind hemmed the skirt (so that the fabric could maintain it's swishy-ness!). The pattern instructions said to stitch across the front wrap part of the bodice, but because of aesthetics and the fabric, I stitched through the lining to catch all the layers of the bodice fabric. It did look nice!

In my grandparents' house

The pearl necklace she's wearing is the one she wore on her wedding day!

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  1. You look so beautiful! I love your dress!