Thursday, July 25, 2013

c. 1906 Flounced Petticoat

Trying my best to look like Evelyn Nesbit, the Edwardian chorus girl and model.
Just like the 1910s Graduation Dress, the 1906 Wedding Gown looked woefully abandoned without the proper shapewear underneath. This petticoat will help achieve the fashionable shape of the era, will help protect the skirt from the floor, and will also help highlight the delicate lace and gathering details of the skirt.

I constructed this petticoat in the same way I made the 1910s petticoat. The only difference was that this petticoat had to be fluffier to hold out the shape of the fuller skirt. Therefore, I only constructed the top half in the same manner as the 1910s petticoat--the bottom half  were two machine-gathered flounces in incrementally larger widths. Since the flounces were rectangles, I sewed up the hem by machine since there was no fiddly curved material to contend with. The waistband was constructed in the same way. I moved the pleats to the back to direct the fullness there.

Hem turned once and pinked.
Making use of the selvedge edge as a placket.
On the dress form.
The 1906 Wedding Gown with its custom made petticoat.

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  1. The petticoat looks fantastic! And you look lovely in it!