McCalls 7973 Pattern Review


As I started making more garments for my work wardrobe in 2022, I discovered my first tried-and-true (TNT) pattern: McCalls 7973, a pattern for a loose-fitting dress which includes 4 sleeve options, 4 length options, and 4 skirt options. 

This is a great pattern for mix-and-matching pieces to create different looks! My first iteration was made of navy blue polyester satin from Joann's using the neckline and sleeves of View D (without the sheer overlay) and the skirt of View B. My second version was made of a floral printed viscose crepe from Fabric Mart Fabrics using the bodice of View C with the skirt of View B.

The only pitfall to be aware of with this pattern is that there are A LOT of seams, and no mention or consideration of how to finish them... I tinkered with the order of operations so that I could sew as many seams as possible with French seams and finish off the remainder with vintage rayon seam binding.

McCalls 7973 is an ideal pattern for beginners - the design strikes a great balance between simplicity and detail. It's an easy make without any zippers or buttonholes to contend with, and it's a great value for your money.

You can see all my thoughts, modifications, and suggestions on this pattern in my video below!

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