Friday, September 27, 2013

Black Polka Dot Chiffon Circle Skirt

You may recognize this fabric from the dress I made for my mother last year. I had enough leftover material to make a lined circle skirt.

The skirt is lined in cheap black poly-cotton. All of the hems were sewn by hand. I altered the pattern (McCall's 6557) that I used for my mom's dress, making the skirt shorter and adding two darts in the back to accommodate the crazy curve of my lower back. I drafted the waistband, which is made of 3 layers: the chiffon, the black cotton, and interfacing, for stability. The skirt fastens with a hook and eye (which I managed to sew and not have the stitches show on the outside!) and two small snaps down the placket.

Obviously, the quality of a skirt is determined by its twirlability!

All of these photos were taken this summer in S. Pedro do Sul, a small resort town nestled in a valley with thermal waters. Besides the various spas and hydrotherapy centers, the town was scattered with fountains bubbling with the sulfuric-scented thermal water. The water was so hot that I couldn't keep my hand in there for more than a few seconds!

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  1. Very cute! I like your whole outfit. :)
    I think I have similar fabric; it might even be the same fabric unless my dots are smaller! :)