Monday, September 30, 2013

NYC Medieval Fair

This Sunday I went to my very first fair, the NYC Medieval Fair. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Hudson River, Fort Tryon Park is the home of the Cloisters and the setting of the yearly fair. The Cloisters, part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is built from various original Medieval structures imported from France and Spain. It contains Medieval and Ecclesiastical art, and the famous Unicorn Tapestries!

I wore my pseudo-Medieval dress that I fixed up for the HSF Challenge #18. I wanted to simulate the look of angels and saints in art of the period, so I draped a red and gold fringed pashmina shawl around my shoulders and pinned it to my waist. The whole outfit was really warm! I accessorized with lapis lazuli earrings and a gold chain and pearl necklace (worn as a belt).

I used this tutorial for my hair but I think my hair is really too thin for this didn't come out to good.
The earrings are handmade and were bought in Portugal. The lapis lazuli is flecked with a minuscule gold "constellation," naturally occurring in the stone.
The view of the Hudson River from the park grounds.
The George Washington bridge.

This plant, called Lamb's Ears, really did feel as soft as a furry ear!

Reliquary busts. Here's a video tutorial for recreating their hairstyle.
Look, the statue is wearing the same outfit as me! I suppose my getup is fairly Medieval after all!
This statue of archangel Gabriel even shares the same name as me. What a coincidence!

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