Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Garment Cutting Guide & Fashion Plate Hoarde

Loren at The Costumer's Closet recently published a "Bits and Bobs" segment that really caught my attention. I love the links she shares in these segments, but one link in particular made me jump out of my seat.

Loren linked to "a treasure trove" of garment cutting guides from the 19th and 20th century: Siam Costumes, a database of hundreds of advertisements, periodicals, photographs, catalogs, magazines, and pattern books! There are also fashion plates of ancient, Renaissance, cultural and fancy dress costume.

Below are some snippets from my favorite resources on that site; prepare for drool-inducing, swoon-worthy designs!

Les Elegances Parissienes, 1921
El Salon De La Moda, 1902

The Designer, Empire House Toilette, January 1900
Sears Roebuck Co. Spring/Summer 1938, Maternity Garments
Peterson's Magazine, June 1873
Peterson's Magazine, 1873
The Postilion Girdle (it has a peplum in the back!)
Slipper Embroidery Pattern
19th century Mardi Gras Costume...a fish?

One negative about the site is that not every resource is organized; in one source, I was able to find fashion plates from the 1870s, 1900s, and 1940s. I recommend setting aside a rainy day or two to explore all of the amazing and inspirational resources on this site!

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